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Hey everyone!

Are you familiar with Inktober? It’s a challenge in which an artist commits himself to draw a picture only using inks everyday for the whole month of October.

I decided to take a swing at it and do a Kinktober for my patrons, some NSFW drawings for you all, who have been supporting this comic for so long ^__^

If are (or have been) a patron, send me (commenting bellow or sending me a private message on Patreon) with references for your character and I’ll try and make you an adult drawing of your fursona/character c:

If you aren’t, you can become my Patron today by clicking here to check my Patreon campain.


Alas, I do not promise to be able to do everyone (since October only has 31 days), nor that I’ll actually be able to pull this off (seeing as how I’ve failed the Sketchtember challenge), but I’ll at least try.

Hope to draw you naked sometime soon~ :D

Site (almost) done

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Yes, bye-bye weekend, but at least now the comic was successfully migrated into WordPress (hooray…?).

Now I can get back to focusing on the comic (currently working on the cover for part 3), if anyone’s interested, please drop by at my patreon page and check out some early pages and the sketches for the cover.

patreon-layer 3

And that’s it, thanks for your patience, people. :)