The Golden Week comic is a one-dog-team effort to tell a big slice-of-life story about one’s struggles about sexuality and society.

The story, as you probably may know by now, focuses on Derek and Scott, two guys assaulted by fear and repression about their sexuality. The world of the Golden Week is not a contained universe, as it’s continually expanding and bringing in more characters, events and places. Although I can convey only so much in a graphic novel.


The whole of The Golden Week is brought to you by Douglas Kim, a Brazilian author and illustrator, having been drawing “for real” since roughly 2006.

A for the AWESOME!

As stated a few paragraphs above, the whole comic is done by a single person, but it is maintained by a LOT of people, among those there are supporters, people that do Fan-art, that write me e-mails occasionally, the ones that share and spread the word about the comic and you, faithful reader. Thanks to all of you, I have the strength to shove aside laziness and all that bad stuff and come up with new pages for the comic and to keep it going.




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