Your Language Here

Want to see the comic translated into your language? Well, you can help by doing it yourself!
And now it’s easier than ever!

All templates are available at the links in the bottom.

Use your favorite image editing software, Comic Sans, and have fun with it!
Follow this checklist and you should be fine:

  • Text centered in the speech bubble
  • Font: Digital Strip or Acme Special Agent
  • Text MUST fit in box, if it doesn’t, slightly reduce font size for that text.
  • Since you’re translating it to your own language, spell checking shouldn’t really be a issue,
    but in any case, always give it a second look before submitting.



Translation template image


After you have translated the page to your language, e-mail me at
with the title “Translation to (your language)”.
Your email should contain the translated page(s) and your name (or pseudonym, for taking credit in the translation).
If you have a personal site or specific e-mail you’d like me to put in the credits too, let me know in the e-mail.


It’s preferable that you have knowledge in image editing (proper usage of Photoshop) and fluency in your own language.

Remember, even though you may be doing this as a hobby, make something that’ll make you proud of showing to others.
In other words, do you best!



Part I Templates

Single-page – Onedrive

All pages .zip – Onedrive

Part II Templates

Single-page – Onedrive

All pages .zip – Onedrive

Part III Templates

Single Page – Onedrive

All Pages .zip – Onedrive

Part IV Templates

Single Page – Onedrive

All Pages .zip – Onedrive